Thursday, September 3, 2009

Magic / Project Show Recap

Amazing amazing amazing.
Pretty much sums up the Magic / Project experience.
We just got back from the semi - annual fashion buyers convention in Las Vegas.
Boy was it hot out there!

Went to a few shows- ENK LAS VEGAS, MAGIC, POOL TRADE SHOW, and of course PROJECT.

Ok where do we start...

We love the TWITTER updates from @projectshow with leads for the hottest must have items.
Proud to say we snagged a few of those hot items!

Some new lines are coming to Moderne .... and some are going bye bye.

Stay tuned to find out :)

Tough Chic
Boyfriend style - jeans, jackets, shirts
Jeggings- Jean Leggings
Weathered Scarves
Acid Wash Denim

Going to load up some pics and show you what's about to hit Moderne! xo

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