Thursday, October 22, 2009

MUST HAVE: Wildfox Couture's NOBODY'S PERFECT Astrology shirts are here!

If you haven't seen press on these shirts, you will.

Super cute and comfy tees from Wildfox Couture with your own astrological trait on each shirt!
An absolute must have for every girl - and amazing holiday gift!

The new baggy, one-size-fits-all tees are inspired by 80’s punk-rock culture and are made of a super-soft, 100% cotton jersey. Each style features a corresponding astrological sign with a word or phrase that best describes each sign’s “dark side”. For example, Aquarius features “My Way or the Highway”, Leo features “Bossy”, and Pisces features “I live in a Fantasy Land”.

**Each sign has a different saying**

Which Sign Are YOU?

Aries: Daredevil

Taurus: I'm Right
Gemini: Flirty and Restless

Cancer: I Love to Fall in Love
Leo: Bossy

Virgo: Perfectionist
Libra: I Just Can't Decide
Scorpio: Oh So Secretive
Sagittarius: Blindly Optimistic

Capricorn: I'll Do Your Homework
Aquarius: My Way Or the Highway

Pisces: I Live in a Fantasy Land

Get them here.
Nobody's Perfect Astrological Unisex T from Wildfox Couture

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