Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Style Sophisticate and Moderne giveaway: Wildfox Couture

Super thrilled to be doing this giveaway with Style Sophisticate:  Ends on 11/15/2009 - Get to her blog and enter now! 

Style Sophisticate's First Reader Giveaway: Win a Wildfox Couture tee!  (As seen on http://stylesophisticate.blogspot.com)

Hey everyone! To thank all my readers, both old and new, for their support of me in the America's Most Stylish Blogger contest, I'm thrilled to announce my first reader giveaway courtesy of Shop Moderne! The site offers the best online price guarantee to ensure you're getting a great deal and carries brands ranging from Degaine to Yumi Kim. You can follow them via Twitter: @lovemoderne!

Shop Moderne and Style Sophisticate are giving away ONE Wildfox Couture's "Nobody's Perfect" astrology tee which retails for $64! The unisex, one-size-fits-all shirt is made of soft, 100% cotton jersey and features an astrological sign along with a word or cheeky phrase describing its darker side. I'm a Virgo and mine says "Perfectionist," which is most definitely me!

To enter to WIN, all you need to do is...

1) Follow my blog!
2) Leave me a comment telling me your first name and your sign. If you win, we'll send you the tee with your specified sign on it!
3) I'd love to find out more about my readers, so brownie points for letting me know if you're anything like your sign!
4) Finally, I'd love your continued support in the America's Most Stylish Blogger contest, so please keep voting for me! :) You can vote once a day!

The winner will be chosen randomly and the deadline for the contest is 11/15/09! I'm also happy to add that this is open to my international readers as well! Good luck, everyone! Thank you so much again for visiting my site, leaving comments, voting for me in the contest and simply allowing me to be a part of our fab online fashion community!

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