Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Moderne Girl Gossip

WHAT was she thinking???
Fashion followers, this is a sight for sore eyes. This ensemble looks as if it were pulled together by a five year old on a sugar high at the circus. Please ladies, remember that a skirt/blouse combo CAN be elegant. Don't let this major faux-pas fool you.

Just stick to these rules:
Bright colored/printed skirts should be paired with a plain top.
Here are examples that yours truly pulled together to help you ladies:
Classic & Chic. Pair this beyond adorable MINK PINK PAISLEY SKIRT with a plain NATION LTD. MISSISSIPPI T!

Exhibit B:
This NATION LTD. Karen Oversized Snakeskin T is beautifully paired with a MINK PINK skirt.

Don't make the mistake that Cotton Candy Projectile Penny made or else you might end up being featured on the Moderne Girl Gossip page. Shop Moderne and yours truly will be here to guide the way!
you'll learn to love me

Modern Girl

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