Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Fathers Day Fashion

Father's day is near! You know what that means? Time to stand in line at your local department store for that perfect tie that will sit in the closet for years, right? WRONG!

This year, give your dad something that'll actually see the sunlight instead of the corner of a closet rack! Shop Moderne has amazing styles to suit every type of man! From preppy to rock star and eco-friendly to metro, Shop Moderne has got you covered!

Preppy Dad!
This English Laundry dress shirt is a great modern twist to the classic argyle sweater.

Rock Star Dad!
Is your dad known to bust out moves on his air guitar? Can he sing any classic Led Zepplin song on command? If you're dad is a rock star, try this look by Roar!

Beach Dad!
Tan. Fit. Young at heart. Does that describe your dad? Then he has the soul of a California beach bum! Put him at ease with a great casual beach look with Howe shorts & the Slight of Hand Tee by Howe!

Metro Dad!
Is he into the latest styles? Does he take pride in looking good? We have TWO looks for this Dad! Try the Aqua 6 look OR our English Laundry dress shirt & vest combo!

Green Dad!
Is your dad eco-friendly? Does he make it a point to recycle, reuse, and reduce (like the song??)? Does he want to make a difference and help save Mother Earth? Then, this is the Alternative Earth outfit for your Dad!

Casual Dad!
Doesn't care about what he wears? Just wants to throw on the first clean shirt he can find? Then, this busy dad would LOVE Just A Cheap Shirt's Multicolor plaid tee. This easy doesn't need a lot of thought to be styled. It's great for a guy who is always on the go!

Show your dad that he's your number ONE this father's day! Be sure to check out the great deals at Shop Moderne for more looks for your dad!


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