Wednesday, September 8, 2010

All Bedazzled Out with Skinny by Jessica Elliot

"I wanted the double ring to be edgy yet feminine. It's the anti-brass knuckle"
-Jessica Elliot, designer of Skinny

Tired of the ho-hum, hum-drum, blah stuff some designers are calling jewelry? JEWELRY: let’s have a look at the word, shall we? Let’s break it down... JEWEL: “ANY PERSON OR THING THAT IS VERY PRECIOUS OR VALUABLE” Kay, that’s an easy one. That’s you. And that should be your jewelry!!

ACCESSORIES: let’s break that down…

ACCESS: “THE RIGHT TO ENTER” Skinny’s simple solution—How do you get in? Besides being on the list, you get in with Keys! What goes with keys? Key chains, chain links—minus ball and chain & yeah, who doesn’t want the “right to enter”. And when you do enter, be sure to look good-- wear your accessories....

SOIREES: “A PARTY OR GATHERING IN THE EVENING” Killer! With skinny, you’re IN! (OMG, that was soooo easy.)

So…what does all this dictionary word breakdown mean? It means YOU can rock SKINNY by JESSICA ELLIOT too! Skinny by Jessica Elliot has taken the fashion world by storm.

Growing up, Jessica wanted to be a Hollywood actress, but little did she know that fashion forward celebrities such as Kate Hudson, Jessica Alba, Christina Ricci, Hilary Swank, Katherine Heigl, Lindsay Lohan, Avril Lavigne, Hayden Panettiere, Ashlee Simpson, and many more would be sporting her jewelry pieces and the best department stores would be showcasing her designs. Jessica has truly become a star in her own right. You can too!! Sport this Hollywood fav and look fab!

Get yours in Gold/Montana,
Gold/Smokey quart
Nickle/Black Diamond

GOOD LUCK GIRLS (and b.f.’s that are smart enough to remember girls love jewelry & access-soiree’s)!

LIVE SKINNY, LOVE SKINNY YOU CAN NEVER BE TOO RICH…OR TOO SKINNY. Know where that line is from?? Tweet us @lovemoderne and let us know!


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