Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Moderne Gift Guide 2010: 5 items to cover your list

If you haven't done your Christmas shopping yet you are in luck! Moderne is going to hook you up with the 5 best gift items.

#1. For all you eco-friendly geeky types, the Alternative Earth collection is for you! With shirts, cardigans, hoodies and even sleeveless hoodies to choose from it's difficult to decide which to buy. Personally, I LOVE the new Unisex Rocky Eco-Fleece Zip Hoodie in gray. Great for either your boyfriend or girl-friend this hoodie is practical and affordable. (Do your research before you buy, trust me, Moderne's is cheaper!)

#2 Want the Skinny on the best accessory for your lovely fingers? Than look no further, Skinny by Jessica Elliot has designed a "floating" ring that takes the idea of the double "knuckle" ring but gives it a feminine twist. This ring is a favorite of celeb singer Rhianna and has been featured in magazines People StyleWatch and InStyle. This trendy ring is a must have- available in 5 colors.

#3 on our list is the Yummie Tummie Tank. This tank not only smoothes away those unsightly bumps and lumps but it is stylish. One of the most practical and essential items in all of our closets this tank with soft cotton fabric has a spandex tummy panel is perfect under any shirt or blouse. *Great layering piece- available in 2 colors

.#4 This one is for your guys or ladies who are in need of a perfect present for their other half. Just a Cheap Shirt designed woven shirt in gray and red is great to wear on all occasions- dinner with the girlfriend, hanging with the boys, or a night out to the club (just remember to pair with dark jeans to make the look more club appropriate).

#5 My favorite of the five! Someday it will be mine! Muahaha. In all seriousness though, I have never tried this jacket on so who knows if it would look good on ME. However, what I do know is this jacket is to die for. The jacket can literally compliment any outfit- it can be worn with jeans, a tank and flats or a dress and high heels. All you fashionistas out there better buy one now, it's even equipped with front pockets!

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