Thursday, January 27, 2011

Valentine's Day Gift Guide: Moderne Style

Whether we like it or not, Januaray is coming to a close which means that Valentine's day is around the corner.
Now, now... some of you may be ANTI Valentine's day, but why not indulge in the holiday and get yourself something pretty-- I mean, you do deserve it after all.

For those of you who are in a relationship and need to get your honey a certain special gift, get them a thoughtful piece with a message.

Moderne's Valentine's Day Gifts are ranked above.
Here is the breakdown

You've seen this jumper everywhere.. it has been on US Weekly, in BOP Magazine w/ a giveaway from yours truly, and has been on a handful of celebrities.
We have had to reorder this style... and we are almost sold out.
Get your PRE ORDER in today, and we will ship out as soon as we get it on 2/1!
Sizes: XS- L still available
Ok, so this comes in a couple different colors, but seeing that it is a Valentine's day gift guide, don't think you it makes sense to highlight the eco red?
This wouldn't be the first time we talk about this juicy number. Once you put it on, you won't take it off... it's that good.
Sizes: XS- XXL
Can't hide your love.. you shouldn't have to. Be proud and wear it for all to see.
Emmy Rossum was seen wearing the Wildfox number after a workout session. Such a great easy outfit for post workout- easy transition to running errands etc. Loves it.
Sizes: XS- L
We know, we know.. Not really Valentine's day approrpiate but we wanted to get something for the guys. Loving this style because of the built in waffle hoodie. Great layering piece for all of you in the cold, and a great casual piece for us out here in sunny so cal.
Sizes: M-XXL
Last But NOT Least...
Lots of media attention on this piece.... so, if the person you are buying for is always drooling over the jewels in the magazines - this is THE piece to pick out. Love that you can pick your jewel tone on this piece. Ruby not your thing? Get a more neutral color.
So, there you have it .. our top 5 picks for Valentine's Day gifts and looks.
Some none clothing gift ideas/ suggestions:
Experiences: romantic dinner, sunset picnic, breakfast in bed
Chocolate and candies
You get the idea.
A little effort goes a long way.
Oh, and if you are single- don't worry... you can do all of the above by yourself or with your closest friends. Celebrate the day with those you love.

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