Thursday, June 16, 2011

Style Wars: The NorCal, SoCal Battle

When two worlds collide.

Now, we all know that there has been the never ending feud between the two parts of California; NorCal & SoCal. There has always been the debate of if “hella” is a word, or if board shorts & sandals constitute business attire. With all the hoopla of who says what, or what “grip” even means, I wanted to take this time to showcase the looks from NorCal and give you a taste of what I think about the two worlds.

Tiffany rocks her rockabilly waves with this A-line skirt & simple black cardigan. She keeps is classy with light make-up and an up-do. I asked her what her favorite outfit is and she said, “I love wearing my pencil skirt with my leopard print top, and sporting red lips when I go out. It makes me feel so lady-like!”

Joseph reps his flannels & ray bans when he is out in the city for the day visiting Haight and Ashbury. I asked him what he thought about the NorCal style compared to the SoCal swag, “I don’t know. I feel like I am dressed up more here than from what I see in SoCal. I don’t remember the last time I even wore flip flops.”

Now, being that I am a Northern California native turned SoCal resident, I have found myself fitting the two opposites together to create a west coast look that can’t be missed. I am an addict when it comes to statement watches and bangles. I won’t leave the house without them! Layering jewelry has become my one favorite obsession that I saw all along the streets of San Francisco. But whether it is a blazer over a summer dress, or an over-sized tee draped over jeggings, I will always tie in my everlasting love for the city and my new found appreciation for the beach.


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