Friday, August 5, 2011

Friday Find: Sweetly Sheer Maxi's

You've seen the celebrities wear them, but have you dared to rock a sheer maxi skirt out? OR are you guilty of buying it after seeing Nicole Richie strut around in it?

Well, you are in luck! It is actually not as scary as you may think. If paired with the right top, this ultra-hippie trend will have you dancing down the streets with a smile on your face! And just so you know that we have your back, we though that you could use a little Moderne touch to this sheer look.

Featured below is the Wildfox White Crest Boyfriend thank that you can match with either cut-off shorts for a beach day or that ever-so-elegant sheer maxi skirt that you have had in your closest for a few months now! Drench yourself in layers of jewelry full of different colors. We suggest the Carol Marie Multi-Chain Necklace.

xo -B.

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