Friday, September 23, 2011

Friday Find: High-low Skirts

Sexy, but classy? Daring, but subtle? Yup, we found the perfect medium for the Fall season! 

The high-low maxi skirt is the one of the best additions to this season's collection. We are seeing them everywhere- on celebs, on the streets, even in the nightlife scene. 

So here is out tribute to this very elegant, but funky look! 


Sandals or wedges go hand-in-hand with this skirt that teases the eye. Pair it with a cute lace crop top to finish the outfit! Keep the color palette simple and make sure to add some colorful jewelry to add that special something. 

So, if you are heading to a Sunday picnic or just a day out with the girls, pick a High-low Maxi Skirt to create that whimsical look!

Oh, and always remember to Be Moderne! 

xo -B.

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