Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Moderne Man: Bieber Fever

OK, lovebugs! Alex is back and dishing out the latest on the looks that a Mr. Bieber has been guilty of rocking. Let's see what he has to say! 

"A certain pop star has been making headlines for his odd choices of outfits and canoodling with a certain Disney darling…if you’re thinking Justin Bieber, then we’re both shaking our heads at the multiple fashion faux pas that he’s been committing. 

He is guilty of wearing the sagging pants- a forgettable 90s trend. And can someone explain what stylist allowed him to walk out on the VMA carpet wearing red pants, leopard print hi-tops, & a snake? 

Guys, it’s always about wearing the clothes and not letting them wear you. Attitude and confidence is what makes the outfit better than what your counterparts are wearing.  A modern pop star or a Moderne guy like you and me need some Moderne threads to create the cool yet calm rock star look. 

Option #1: Let’s get rid of those sagging pants by replacing them with a fitted, slim pair of Degaine Jeans that allow him to walk comfortably on the red carpet. 

Option #2: The Colorist Tee from Hause of Howe is the dash of color for the outfit with the white t-shirt having an artistic edge to it with its promotion of an art gallery, which might lead the public to believe there is a little depth to this “Baby” singer. 

Option #3: The Gunmetal-colored jacket from Hey Blondie has a sophisticated edge to make anybody stand out among the crowd in this must-have item.   

Option #4: A pair of disheveled urban combat boots adds onto the edginess that a pop star hopes to bring to the red carpet among his peers.

Signing off - Alex M.

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