Thursday, October 27, 2011

DIY Halloween Costume: Reality Couples

Great tips and ideas for DIY Reality Couples Costumes
Remember! These Moderne items are not only great when putting your ensemble together, but amazing pieces to add to your everyday wardrobe! 
Find them here at

Rachel Zoe & Joey from The Rachel Zoe Project
*Perfect for the best friend duo who want to dress up as a couple*

Rachel Zoe:    
  • Oversized fierce colored jacket (can be blazer or motorcycle style)
  • White oversized button down - Plastic Island Penny Blouse available at Moderne   
  • Wide Legged Denim -- wider the leg the better 
  • Majorly huge Sunnies  
  • Fierce Red Lip 


Victoria & David Beckham: Englands "It" Couple
  • Structured Dress- Naven Party Dress  
  • Oversized Sunglasses 
  • Mile high platform pumps: Michael Antonio Laverne Pumps


*Additional Items:  Lots of Tattoos, Fierce Hair Styes (for both),  Victoria's signature "bob" wig 

Kris Humphries & Kim Kardashian: The Newlyweds

  • Nets Basketball Jersey


  • Over the top engagement ring: Be playful and grab a fake lightup engagement ring from Party City 
  • Body Con Dress:  Eight Sixty Body Con Dress
  • Alternative Option:  Naven Cut Out Dress
  • Statement Jewelry 
  • Extreme Platform Shoes:  Michael Antonio Lynley Pump

*Hair and Makeup are key with this look.  Smokey eye and voluminous curls galore.

Lamar Odom and Kloe Kardashian-The "Lovey-Dovey" Couple 

  • Lamar Jersey 


 *Additional Items: Make sure you focus on Lamar's love for candy and sweets. Make sure Khloe has some stashed in her purse at all times

LMFAO: The Sexy Party People

  • Bright Logo TeesLocal Celebrity Shirt
  • Bright Neon Aviator Sunglasses 
  • Framed Aviators
  • Gold Chains 
  • Fun oversized Jackets
  • Skinny Denim
  • Colorful High Top Shoes

xo, The Moderne Team

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