Sunday, November 6, 2011

The Sunday Stitch

OK, so we failed a little bit this past week and didn't bring you the oh-so-awesome Friday Find...for that I apologize. In replacement for my lack of posting, I've decided to coin another day of the week with a little thing I like to call "The Sunday Stitch!" We are going to bring you the latest updates to hit the Moderne site, throw in a dash of celeb findings, and let you know what trend we found to be the hottest in the past weekend! 

So, to kick it off we decided to feature the retro tees from Wildfox Couture that are now available at Moderne! I've had the pleasure of rocking the NYC Harley Tee and have absolutely fallen in love with it...not to mention I am already obsessed with the city lights! 

Check out these great loose tees! 

Thank you Moderne & Wildfox Couture for keeping us dressed with laid back threads! 

xo -B. 

Remember, follow @modernefashion ...we promise to not let you down ;) 

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