Thursday, November 3, 2011

T-Shirt Time!

T-Shirt Time!

1. Wildfox Couture: Bi-coastal Nevada Jumper 
2. Wildfox Couture: Hippie Crewneck  
3. Wildfox Couture: Fan Club Donovan Tee
4. Wildfox Couture: NYC Harley Wide Tee
5. Wildfox Couture: Birkin Harley Wide Tee

No Pauly D is not taking over our blog, but Wildfox Couture sure is! has recently received a new shipment of amazing tees. 
Comfty, stylish, and perfect for layering or wearing as is these five are a must for your closet year round. 

Perfect with: leggings, shorts, or jeans. 

Buy one, two or all five at

xo, T

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