Friday, December 9, 2011

Splurge vs Steal: Wildfox Couture Seeing Stars - Starshine Madness

As much as we heart our Wildfox Couture, not everyone can splurge on the oh so luxurious and worth every penny White Label line.
Looks like Wildfox understand that and has come up with a STEAL of a style for you!

So go ahead - splurge, steal or score both!

A celeb favorite, the Seeing Stars Wildfox Couture Whitelabel style is absolutely perfect for this season. If you are in COLD weather, just layer it up or wear it indoors, if you are in sunny climate, do as Ashley Tisdale did and pair it with some shorts.

Wildfox Couture White Label- Seeing Stars:  $196

Love the design but can't dish out the cash?  No worries, Wildfox just released the Starshine Hippie Crew for their Holiday Besties and we have them in both colors: Dirty Black and Free Love!
For about 1/3 of the price, you can even afford to get one in each color.

Wildfox Couture- Star Shine Hippie Crew Tee in Dirty Black and Free Love - $64

So, what if you have the knit but can't live without the tee in Dirty Black?  Have no fear, you can totally pull off the 2 different colors with 2 different styles.

Calling all Wildfox Couture lovers.. or lovers of Wildfox lovers...
Spoil yourself or your loved one with a little STARshine.

xo- J

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