Thursday, February 9, 2012

Stay Up to Date, Moderne Style

With social networks taking over how we stay connected, you would have to be living under a rock to not know Moderne is giving style tips, inspiring & letting you into our daily lives via social media. 

We'll forgive you if that may be the case and instead provide you with details on how to stay up to date Moderne style. 

Instagram, the perfect way to keep up with Moderne. Styling tips, behind the scenes, quotes of the day, & more are uploaded each day. Don't miss out on all the action and find us under: LoveModerne or if you don't have your hands on an iPhone, take a peek here 

Recently becoming the fastest growing site, Pinterest is our recent guilty pleasure. With boards that inspire, entice you to indulge in online shopping or whip out the hot glue gun to try some do it yourself crafts, we have it all!  Find us at on here: LoveModerne .

If you are addicted to creating the perfect outfit or feeling a little creative, check us out on Polyvore. Find us here: LoveModerne 

Have a great Thursday!
xo, T

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