Saturday, May 19, 2012

DIY: Denim Cut Off Shorts

One of our own, is contributing to Pacific Magazine by answering style questions. One that is on so many fashionistas minds is, how do you re-create denim cut offs?! Keep reading to find out how!

Q: “Denim cut offs seems to be back for summer- can I make them myself?”
A:  Super easy and perfect to wear all summer long – Denim Cut Offs will be a summer 2012 staple for guys and girls alike.
Guys- yes, you can DIY denim cut offs too (use your discretion with length).
What you need: 
*a pair of fitted old jeans – make sure they fit you around the waist and hips
* a pair of fabric or sharp scissors
*a cutter or razor blade
*a washer/ dryer
Step 1:  Figure out how short you want your shorts.
(Pin the length you like, or mark them with pen)
Step 2: Turn the pants inside out and start cutting one leg at a time.
Tip:  Cut them at a slight angle (v shape) for a more flattering fit
(Be careful of the pockets- don’t cut them!)
Step 3: Take the cutter and start cutting  if you want added distressing
Step 4: Throw them in the washer/ dryer.
The more you wash them the more distressed they will be come – and the edges will be more frayed.
and VOILA!
No need to spend lots of money on a new pair of cut offs!
Now throw on those shorts and enjoy the So Cal sun!

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