Friday, May 25, 2012

Friday Find: Sheer It To Me Baby!

Lock us up and throw away the key...yes, we are guilty of taking a step back from the 'Friday Find' each week! Why, you might ask yourself? Well, let's just say we have so much to offer you in beauty and health that we wanted to make sure we were spreading the love in all areas of your life. 

But we are here now and ready to dish out our 'Friday Find' this week...drum roll is...SHEER pieces! These pieces range from tanks, blouses and even maxi's. We just can't get enough of the romantic look and wispy feel. Not to mention, it sure does help during those hot summer days when you shouldn't be showing off all your goodies at once ;) 

Here are some of our favorites found on celebs & from ShopModerne:

#1: Of course we need to feature one of our favorite fashionista's - Blake Lively. Rocking a sheer blouse with a metallic skirt. Festive, yet classy! 

#2: Fierce, yet always down-to-earth Lauren Conrad is rocking it with a striped sheer blouse. This just scream LA-scene! 


#4: Lovers + Friends Daydream Blouse (as seen on Kristin Cavallari)! Only $117!

Which of the 4 was your favorite? Would you ever rock a sheer piece? Tell us! We'd love to hear from you :) 

Cheers to fashion and have a safe Memorial Day Weekend! 

xo -B.

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