Friday, June 1, 2012

Friday Find: The Caviar Manicure!

YES! Finally a fun nail look that you can be proud of. We all know how tough it was to get those ombre nails sussed out last year, but don't fret any longer because 'Caviar Nails' are all the rage and aren't that difficult to do. Since we are so-very-much obsessed with this look, we wanted to feature some of our favorite colors and finds. Enjoy!

#1: Go Goth with the black Caviar look. 
You can purchase the Ciate brand at any Sephora! 

#2: If you are still hooked on the ombre look, try bringing it into the 
caviar trend with two-toned beads!

#3: This pastel look is perfect for those that want 
to keep it low-key and simple! 

#4: Have some fun with it and sprinkle the micro-beads over your nails 
in different colors. It gives you that fun & flirty look!

To learn more about how to create the Caviar Nail look, watch this video 
from Polish & Pearls: WATCH ME!

Hope you enjoyed. Have a great weekend and remember to look moderne, be moderne & shop moderne

xo - B.

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