Monday, June 25, 2012

Haute Stylin'

With summer here you will constantly be on the go; work and play time roll into each other as you make your way from work straight to the beach or from errands to the pool. Haute Stylin' will be your go-to guide on what items are best for your fast paced lifestyle. From sun protecting products to easy hair dos, we are here for YOU!
Haute Stylin'

Having a tote bag with item must haves for the beach or pool is ideal for unexpected invites and of course for saving gas and time. 

7. Hair Ties 8. Tote Bag 9. Bottled Water

***There are many different options for products and opinions on what you should always have at hand so we will definitely be updating as we find more items! Stay tuned!


  1. YUP those are definitely things we should be carrying around~ great list!

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