Thursday, March 14, 2013

Taylor Swift is feeling "22" + Get Her Look!

Taylor Swift New Video + Outfit Inspiration

We might not be Taylor Swift... 23, blonde, dating numerous A-listers, singles at the top of the charts, and millions of young girls and women looking up to us, but we do love hanging out with our girl-friends, dancing, and dressing in style. Taylor Swift's new video for "22" was released yesterday and we can already see millions of girls singing along. (Yes, we're one of them)

The video consists of what we envision summer to be like, bonfires, friends, dancing, parties, memories and laughs. The video looks to be filmed in the instagram filter valencia to perfectly accompany her hipster ensembles. While other sites are over-analyzing her outfits and lyrics, we simply enjoy this guilty pleasure song as we daydream of summer days AND nights to come. 

There are numerous outfits we can't wait to replicate, below is our favorite. Get your hands on the budget version of Taylor Swift's outfit from the beginning of the video. You might even have some of the items below already in your closet. Which outfit from the video is your favorite?

Get Her Look: Taylor Swift "22" Video

Fedora Hat
Denim Shorts
Wildfox Couture Shirt
Heart Sunglasses
Red Lipstick
Black Booties

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