Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Be Moderne: Ronda's Dream Center

Be Noticed. Be Moderne.
Rock your Moderne tank.

Julia, Founder of Ronda's Dream Center (http://rondasdreamcenter.org) and a dear friend sent me this snap shot of her rocking her BE MODERNE tank!

Julia is the proud founder of a local Southern California non-profit, RONDA'S DREAM CENTER. Her vision is to create an amazing, one of a kind, creative visual therapy center.

Imagine being unable to go to the ocean, see the flowers bloom, or watch the snow fall. Would you agree that you would be missing out on some of the beauty that is "life"? For many people, this is a reality, and Ronda's Dream Center is part of the solution.

Ronda's Dream Center aims to create a safe environment for developmentally disabled individuals by providing them 360 degrees of visual stimulation.

Moderne is so happy to be part of the Ronda's Dream Center family and can't wait to see the final product. To learn more about this amazing project, please visit http://rondasdreamcenter.org.

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