Thursday, July 22, 2010

Guilty Pleasure: A Day In The Life You Wish You Had BLOG!

We are straying from the usual FASHION / MODERNE blog posts and sprinkling in some fun stuff for everyone.

If you are a frequent blog reader - which obvi you are- since you are on here.... You MUST check out the following blog:
A Day In The Life You Wish You Had
Readers: Don't take this blog too seriously.. it's all in fun, and of course to shine some light on

This blog is a mix of everything -
Fashion: the writer has impeccable style (naturally)
Celebrity gossip: well, because it's based in the epicenter of Papparazzi-ville (Check out photo of blogger - which was featured on Perez Hilton (Not to mention Jake Gyllenhal checking her out!)
Reader submissions: check out outrageous stories from other people... stuff like this does happen
LA Life: get a glimpse into the lifestyle that is LA
and last but not least... the infamous chat (You will have to go on the blog for this one!)

All in all - if you need a little something in your day to day blog reading ... check this one out. It's amazeballs. <3>

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