Thursday, July 22, 2010

OBSESSED: Carol Marie Designs

We don't carry this line (yet) but we have to talk about how amazing Carol Marie Designs are!!

Masterminds behind the line- are two fashion industry veterans with years of experience in the retail / editorial and production world. These two ladies are incredibly talented and devoted to their line. LOVE IT!

Check out some of our favorite pieces from their Fall Collection. Can't wait to see Holiday and a little bird told me that Spring is going to be BEYOND AMAZING!

Obsessed - the good thing is that you can totally rock these pieces solo but the layered look is gorgeous!

Personally- I don't rock necklaces everyday ... but these earrings - I would NEVER take off. Chain Knot Earrings for $65 - SOLD!

How yummy are these TRIPLE JEWEL EARRINGS?! Get one in every color and your accessories closet is SET.

With gorgeous beads imported from around the world- and not to mention HANDMADE - you really want to get familiar w/ this line - before it's too late.

These ladies have successfully scored a TON of press for their first collection. And to think, this is just the beginning.

Since we can't offer these looks to you ... please check out their website: for more styles!

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