Sunday, September 5, 2010

Start a Revolution: How to Wear White after Labor Day

There are some rules that are just made to be broken. Old school fashion Rule number 129: “Don’t get caught in white after Labor Day” is ONE of them.

Unless you’re living in the 1920’s at a time where women couldn’t even wear jeans, this rule need not apply! So here are some amazing pieces to make wearing white after Labor Day a sinch!

This Mink Pink Angel Wing Dress is beyond adorable.

This Tatem Mini Dress by Sky is a great alternative to your little black dress.

Not bold enough for all white?? Try CREAMS as an alternative!

This Caprica One Shoulder Top is perfect for the girl not quite ready for P. Diddy's White parties ;p

Just an accesories type of gal?

THIS Carol Marie Jewel Braclet in Crystal is great for you!

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