Friday, October 22, 2010

October TOP 5: 4 for the ladies, 1 for the guys

Gotta celebrate October with a little orange and black.
4 ladies styles but don't worry- there is a men's item in the mix for the gents.
Here's the lowdown:
Wildfox Couture We love to boo gie
I mean, does it get any more October?
Ok, not the best outfit, but the cutest vest and it's super soft.
Don't worry- it's faux fur so no one has to get angry.
Styling Tip: Super easy to throw over a casual dress, layer with Carol Marie necklaces, some flat military style boots and you are set for a casual day in the city.
Dress it up at night with a chic top, skinny jeans, leggings, skirt and tights ... and pair with your kiiller heels, booties, boots.
See guys, we haven't forgotten about you. This is a great color blend, very fall esque.
Ok, obvi not the whole legging but check out the detail. Super chic and edgy, so much hotter than your regular leggings.
Wear this day or night.
Ok, seriously this is a celebrity style staple.
Chrarlize Theron, Ashley Greene, Dakota Fanning, Nicky Hilton - just to name a few. It's so easy to wear and throw on with jeans or even go super casual with yoga pants / leggings.
Something comfy for everyday.
There you have it. Moderne's OCTOBER Top 5.
What do you think?

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