Monday, November 1, 2010

Moderne Loves: Bikram Yoga ( Irvine )

Looking for a new workout - perfect for the mind, body and soul?
Don't let the hot (105 degree), heated room scare you - try Bikram Yoga!!
Leave your stressors and problems outside and dive into a 90 minute class of pure sweat and focus.
Ok, so seriously- the thought of doing yoga in a hot room for 90 minutes is probably a bit overwhelming. And yet, so many people swear by it.
Some of us at Moderne recently started Bikram Yoga and it has forever changed out life. Sounds dramatic but it truly echoes the opinion of so many others.
Not only does this workout burn a ton of calories - we are talking about 600-1000 calories in 90 min... This workout clears your mind, and soul.
Through 2 sets of 26 postures, your body/ mind falls into an active routine. Don't worry- the postures don't get boring- as your body reacts differently on every given session.
It's amazing how your mental and emotional state really impact your workout.
Let's breakdown the workout for you:
1st set of postures are done standing up.
You have your typical "yoga"-esque postures... balancing on one foot, lifting your leg up to your head, etc etc. All of these postures are done based on your own capabilities. No two people will be doing the exact same pose...and that is ok.
2nd set of postures is done on the floor.
Trust me, after the first set- laying on a hard wood floor sounds absolutely divine.
Through the whole work out you need to BREATHE.
Even if you feel light headed, or want to quit - just BREATHE.
Amazing how your breath can clear your mind and help you ''center'' yourself during the class.
So now where do you go to try this?
We have visited quite a few studios in Orange County, San Diego and Las Vegas... and let's just say the studio really does make half of the experience.
Sure, once you enter the room for class- it is you and that heated room. But let's face it- we all care about being in a clean, spacious, studio run by knowledgable staff.
In Our Opinion -
Not only is this studio HUGE, it is very clean, they offer you a towel per session, have great shower facilities and best of all - awesome staff and members.
At the end of the day - it's all about the WHOLE experience right?
**Side note** This studio is powered by solar energy- so you can feel good about being environmentally conscious while healing yourself.
Bikram Yoga Irvine- as well as other Bikram Yoga studios offer great introductory packages.. so that you can get your feet wet (no pun intended but you will be drenched).
Next time you are ''too busy'' to work out, or take time for yourself... set aside 90 min and get it all done with Bikram Yoga.
We are hooked!! xo
Tell us your Bikram experience!

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