Sunday, November 14, 2010

Beauty and the Beast- Kim Kardashian's Daring Fashion Move

Moderne LOVES Kim Kardashian. I mean, she wears a lot of the lines that are carried at Moderne. But that doesn't mean that we will love EVERY look.

I understand that it was Halloween, but is she serious with this?

Kim attended the NETS game on 10/31 and sported the above ensemble.
Signature Kim Kardashian look - over the knee black boots, leggings.. but really, the Bigfoot sleeve? Did she think that only her neck and left side of her body were going to be cold?

She seems to be wearing a lot of fur since her move to the East Coast but this is a bit too out there.

Do you love or hate?
Seems like a lot of people are questioning her look but hey, the girl isn't stupid... she is getting plenty of press / attention with this one look.

Let's just hope she comes back to her senses and brings us some juicy outfits!

We still love you Kimmy, xo

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  1. hahaha... a bigfoot sleeve. perfectly said and absolutely atrocious! on top of being FUR. just LAME. all aorund.