Friday, November 5, 2010

Moderne Loves Marie Elena's Blog from Discover SD

Let's face it... blogs are a dime a dozen.
You've read one, you've seen them all... right? WRONG.

We are obsessed with this hot mama's blog.
I mean, it's called Marie Elena's Party -- so you know it's going to be a good *guilty pleasure* read.

Marie Elena is no stranger to parties... and definitely not a stranger to the San Diego nightlife. If she attends your event- you know it's a good one!
In this week's blog she talks about her Halloween adventures, her weekend plans and of course what is coming up in San Diego.

Take a closer look and see how we made it in a blog post that reads:
"So I'm placing my order: I'll have a booty call, hold the booty. "
Are a part of this booty call plan, M.E?

Click here to see how we made the cut, and what we did to win over Marie Elena's heart ;)

Oh, and make sure you bookmark this page- this is a Friday afternoon must read.


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