Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Boys, guys, mens guide on what to wear

A How-To Dress guide for the men. Granted, lots of guys are stepping up gorier fashion/style game but there is always room for the ladies' perspective.

ROAR- Stealth Shirt in Black Okay, I'll be honest I am not a huge fan of shirts that have designs or anything that would make me think Pauly D, but I have to admit ROAR consists of items that don't scream GTL. This shirt is like the guy version of the "little black dress" but instead it's the "black button down shirt" ...with a twist of course. The back of the shirt is imprinted with spread wings and a bold R, but fear not it is not overtly loud or take away from the classic shirt that it should be. Wear to: a night out or dinner with your girlfriend.

English Laundry- Dearman Woven Shirt With vertical embroidery stripes down back
and argyle design and patchwork on front this dearman is perfect for your man. Wear to: dinner or taking him home to meet your parents.

Local Celebrity- Italian Stallion Tee in Mustard Yes, the first thing that comes to mind is Jersey Shore or my Italian boss... she's a girl, but she's Italian nonetheless. This isn't your average tee, for this shirt has personality. Great for your Italian stud!- Wear to: day of drinking with the boys or lunch with the girlfriend.

English Laundry- Bold White Stripe Shirt
Classic shirt with french cuffs, a must have in all men's closets as it is so versatile. Wear to: breakfast, lunch or dinner. (remember it depends what you pair it with; with shorts it's more casual and with dark jeans it becomes dressier)

Just A Cheap Shirt-Hooded Woven Shirt I love this hooded shirt and if I had a boyfriend I would buy it for him, but I don't so if if you are reading this and have a bf do yourself a favor and buy one for him, you want him to look as good as you right? This isn't your typical flannel it has built in waffle thermal with ties... meaning he'll look good and keep warm.


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