Friday, January 7, 2011

Moderne Love: Chip and Pepper Jeggings

Leggings have been around the fashion block a few times, and continue to be a great staple for every wardrobe. SO, when the jegging came along, I couldn't help but wonder "why would you want to have denim leggings- why not wear leggings or denim?" Turns out that this was a case of ''don't knock it until you try it"..... Most of us at Moderne are obsessed with the Chip and Pepper Jeggings.

Jeggings are the perfect offspring of skinny jeans and leggings... skinny jean look, legging comfort.

Personally, I wear leggings with a longer tunic, dress, to work out or with knee high (or higher) boots. Jeggings are worn with just about anything. Since they look like denim, you don't have to worry about any ensemble mishaps. See through legging mishaps are the worst!

Random fact: (courtesy of Wikipedia) ... Jeggings are not named after JEANS but after JOGGING. People jog in jeggings? Haven't tried that!

Favorite part about the jegging? That I can wear any kind of shoe with them and they look amazing. Not to mention, much more polished than your typical legging.

Our pick for the perfect jegging? Chip and Pepper's Jenna Jegging is a great dark wash, perfect for casual to dressier looks.

Moderne loves the Chip and Pepper Jegging.

xo- D

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