Monday, February 21, 2011

Moderne Pick: popchips VP search - Ryan & Phil

have you seen these two?

you may have seen them around town, or maybe you have seen them in the popchips VP search.

One glance at the photo and it's pretty clear.. they are awesome.

Ryan (left) and Phil (right) are roomies, putting their all into becoming the VP of popchips pop culture. They have to be pretty awesome guys to be going against each other right?

These two roommates are competing against hundreds of others who want to work side Ashton Kutcher while snacking on these delicious snacks.

We've watched several of the submission videos and these two are our fave picks!

Help them get to the top of pop by voting for them!

Can't decide which babe you want to vote for?

Have no fear, you get one vote per day .. so alternate!

Make sure you watch each other videos and check out our favorite parts:

Ryan: For the Movie Buff *see what he does there at the end? very clever Mr. Lagod*

Phil: For the Fashionable Music Lover *how great is his original popchips song? Oh, and the scarf hat? A-wesome*

Which guy will you vote for?