Friday, February 18, 2011

[pop n' shop] giveaways with our FAVE snack: popchips

do we even have to ask this question?
what's our fave snack?

popchips of course!

we have such a great series of giveaways coming up for our readers, customers and followers.

in simple terms:

pop n' shop
the more you shop, the more you pop.

we will be releasing a series of special promotions - and giveaways via email blasts..
tweeting about giveaways - as simple as RTing
and of course getting you over to our FB to comment

while all of you are popstars... we have some special gifts for your shopstars.

spend over $250 on any order and get a free month supply of popchips - all you need is the magic code: popshop
enter the code at checkout - and if your order qualifies- you get a free case of your fave flavor of popchips delivered to your door. now that is service!
what are you waiting for?

get over to, follow @lovemoderne and @popchipsvegas and join the pop n' shop campaign!
Check out who else is { pop, shop and rock(ing) it!}

Left: Ladies of Wildfox Couture at Project Show
Center: Vanessa from Eight Sixty rocking Wildfox Couture
Right: Andrea from Mink Pink rocking Plastic Island

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