Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Dress to Impress: The Graduate

Graduation season is right around the corner..Stand out in the sea of caps & gowns

@modernefashion dressing for Graduation season

There you are, sitting in a cluster of black-itchy polyester gowns topped with a lovely 17th century cap that does nothing for your hair, but flatten it. You look to your left and the girl next to you is falling asleep, while the boy to your right is playing Tetris on his phone. Then you look up and hear the most Hallmark-rooted words be uttered by the dean of your college, which you have only noticed when using your graduation commencement letter as a coaster. The dean begins, “Ladies & Gentlemen, these past 4 years have tested your strength, intelligence, and determination…” Strength, intelligence, and determination? How about strength to wear 3-inch heels out downtown, intelligence to always wear a statement piece of jewelry, and the determination to never wear the same outfit twice? Now that seems more like it! And it just so happens, you are in luck. We are going to take your graduation look from college student to recent graduate. When choosing your graduation outfit keep in mind that you will be running around in the morning, afternoon, and night. Now, you may be all over the place but that doesn’t mean you can’t look put together.

The key to staying put fresh & fabulous throughout the day is grabbing a colorful skirt or pair of shorts that you can pair with any heel. The skirt can be the focal point of the outfit along with the accessories. I believe that any outfit can be transformed from a day-to-evening look with the right accessory. And let me tell you, I am obsessing over the Carol Marie brass Double Ethiopian Cross necklace. This necklace is eye catching without being over the top since you would want a look you are going to rock during the day. But once the sun goes down, anything goes including those quiet pumps and simple necklace. To change it up, toss on a statement necklace and some black stilettos to get your runway look on!

Now go out there, and conquer the world… one ensemble at a time. XOXO.

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