Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Green With Envy: Our St. Patrick's Day Picks

Skip the shamrock tee/ tank this St. Patty's day and rock something with more style.
Let's face it.. every year, we run out and pick up some boring tee shirt or tank top printed with shamrocks, irish beer or ''kiss me i'm irish''.. thinking that you will wear this shirt on St. Patty's days to come.
And yet, every March.. you find yourself looking for something different.

How about something stylish, practical and different to set you apart from the green sequin hat wearing, shamrock stickers and lucky charm tee shirts?

Moderne's Top picks of GREEN THINGS that will leave your friends green with envy:


Not only is this shirt completely green - as you can plainly see.. it is super stylish so that you can wear this on days other than Green Beer day.
100% Cotton - snap front buttons

How To Wear:
Depends on where you are heading out.. but this shirt is great for casual bars or lounge-y places.
If it's warmer - this shirt looks great with the sleeves rolled u
p to 3
/4 length. Wear with a nice pair o
f dark denim.
Casual down this piece by wearing a plain tee / v neck underneath, leaving the shirt un-buttoned with some khaki
shorts, or even lighter wash jeans and your fave flip flops.

Love this shirt on any man. Large plaid design that can be
worn as casual or paired under your favorite jacket for an edgier look.

Only available in M - XL - -
-- Sold out in XXL.

Not too much green,
but don't worry .. you'll look so good, you can't get pinched.

How To Wear:
With a pair of your favorite jeans ... maybe a pair of Toms for the casual bar.
Under your favorite leather jacket ... channeling your inner bad boy.

So you are going to your local dive, casual bar.. perhaps you are lucky enough to take the day off to enjoy a
full day of celebration.

The perfect attitude for a day of good ole' Irish fun.

I'll Try Anyth
ing Once in front and Maybe Twice on back.

How To Wear:
Nice and casual with a pair of jeans or shorts.
Nothing fancy.
The best thing about this shirt? You can wear this over, and over ... and keep that ''try anything once'' mentality every t

A Moderne favorite. Obviously the photo pictured is for women, but this unisex item is perfect for any condition.

How To Wear:
Too cold for just a tee shirt and jeans- wear a plain solid tee under this hoodie, layer it under your favorite jacket, dark pair or denim and Converse or dress shoes and you are ready to go out for a night of Irish Beer.

Take this into spring and summer. Love this item.

Oh and boyfriends... beware.. so comfortable, your gf / bf may snag and steal from you. Yes, it is that amazing :)


So you see the hoodie above- that is a must have, but maybe you want to be cute this St. Patty's here you go.

If a Victoria Supermodel - Alessandra Ambrosio can we
ar this for a fun day of shopping.. you can rock this for a night out -- carried into a spring/ summer of Wildfox fun.

How To Wear:
Probably still a bit too chilly to rock a bf tank, right?
Pair with your fave skinny jeans... rocker/ motorcycle flat boots, layer under yo
ur favorite leather jacket... pair with a fluffy infinity scarf and you are ready for your night!

Ok, so this isn't for everyone. Obviously you can't prance into a dive bar in this number.. but if you are going
to a lounge, or if you are getting drinks with the girls at a swanky lounge/ bar, you can definitely wear this.

Love this dress for so many occasions. Such a
gorgeous color.

How to Wear:
Sky Mini Dresses work great as dresses or as tops. Not ready
to bust out a mini dress for St. Patty's? Wear this as a top
with some leggings, skinny jeans or under your favorite jacket.

So you don't want to be like the rest of the group... so skip the green top and go for the green bottom.

Great leggings to pair with an oversized tunic or tee for an instant outfit. Check out how Mink Pink styled their leggings for their look book.

How To Wear:
Pair with your favorite NATION tee, oversized tunic or plain top to keep the focus on the leggings. The details on the leggings are more than enough to get attention. Shoes- pair with some flat boots... motorcycle or riding boots.

This St. Patty's day... be a little adventurous and try something new. Better yet, try something you will wear for another day/ night out.

PS- order by the 14th to make sure you get your item in time for St. Patty's Day!

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