Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Love It Or Hate It? ipod nano watches

Since we usually follow feminine trends.. thought we would throw up a quick post on something more techy and masculine (although lots of girls could pull this

That's right fashionistas and fashionistos, that to the right is an ipod nano watch.

apple seems to come out with a products that push the envelope on a regular basis, but do you think they had this in mind?

The latest ipod nano style is a perfect little square nugget.. think Ghirardelli chocolate square size. What better way than to keep track of this little device than in a watch.

A bunch of different brands have released fairly inexpensive styles of ipod nano watches....
To the right is from incipio and is probably one of the most ''chic'' looking styles out there. Pictured is the NGP Wristband Case for only $24.99.

Sure it is made out of rubber, but then again, you would probably use this when you are working out, being active or need to listen to music. Not when attending a black tie event.

So, the question is...

Fashionistos: do you love it or hate it ? Would you want to rock this look?
Fashionistas: they do have a pink wristband.. would you wear that? Maybe to the gym? Would you want your man to wear ?

I'm a bit on the fence... Sure it's convenient, practical and really conventional.. but ... it looks like a kiddie watch? Ok, so maybe when working out we would LOVE IT... but for all other settings .. we shall pass on it.

Let us know what you think!

xo - D

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