Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Spotted: Tenley Molzahn Adores Moderne {Fluxus, Wildfox Couture, Sky, Charlie Jade and more!}

Moderne Adores {Tenley Molzahn}

We are so thrilled that our dear friend, the gorgeous and insanely sweet Tenley Molzahn loves Moderne!

Over the past couple of weeks, Tenley has been spotted rocking outfits styled by Moderne at all of the events she has been attending. Let us tell you - she is a busy girl!

Check out Tenley's Moderne Fashion Showcase below:

Celebrating Kiptyn's birthday in San Diego:
Tenley looked amazing in the below one shoulder Sky Dress.

Doesn't she look stunning in the forest green color?
Perfect for a night out on a roof top lounge, celebrating your love's bday.

Sky: Morena Dress

Tenley suprised Kiptyn with a romanitc hot air balloon ride overlooking San Diego and opted to wear her heart on her sleeve (er, chest):
Love how she paired it with a simple pair of flats (probably best suited shoe for hot air ballooning), leather jacket and skinny jeans.

Perfect casual date outfit... not to mention, the Wildfox Couture I'm In Love Baggy Beach Jumper is perfect for those cozy nights watching movies and cuddling.

Wildfox Couture: I'm In Love Baggy Beach Jumper

Tenley and Kiptyn were invited to MySpace to chat about this season of the Bachelor and their projects, love and passions: Rocking the Charlie Jade Den Dress, Tenley looks ready for a sunny spring day. Which it was!
Check out their whole interview HERE

Great casual to dressy look that everyone can pull off. For those of you in the cold you can wear this with a blazer, tights and boots... and carry this over into Tenley's Spring look.

Charlie Jade: Den Dress

One of the things that Tenley is passionate about is fitness and healthy living. Gluten Free living seems to be the hot ticket right now, and we are loving how she posts recipes on her site for everyone: those who eat gluten free, and for those who are looking to try it.
We can't wait to try out her latest receipt for Quinoa Mac & Cheese. I mean, a healthy version of this comfort food... I have to try it. Check out her cute video on her page HERE.
PS: Love her top? It's Fluxus available HERE
Next thing we want to try?? Tone It Up! Tenley loves the program and it seems like a lot of fun.
Oh and before we forget.. Miss Tenley has a great opportunity for you on her site so make sure you take a peek - TENLEY'S WEBSITE
Make sure you send Tenley love on Twitter: @tenleymolzahn
Tenley... if you are reading this.. Moderne {hearts} you!

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