Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Get Bikini Ready With Your Hula Hoop

Burn baby burn... Get in shape with your hula hoop.

Time to "hoop it up" .. just in time to be bikini ready this summer.

(Photo Courtesy of Beautytiptoday.com)

Was recently introduced to the workout of hula hooping. Sure, I hula hooped as a girl but never really thought of it as a workout, because it was so fun.

Turns out hula hooping with a weighted hoop (can be purchased at a sporting goods store) can burn up to 200 calories in 20 min! Not only does this workout burn calories, it totally targets the mid section problem areas: abs, thighs and booty!

Too good to be true?!
Not sure yet, but we are working in our hula hoop workout regularly .. will keep you posted.

Next time you find yourself dragging to go to the gym, grab your hoop, turn on your fave show and start hooping!

Thanks Tyler Rose Swimwear for introducing us to this great workout. With this we will be TRS bikini ready for Summer 2011!!


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