Thursday, June 30, 2011

Today's Moderne Man

Let's be real, guys are just as picky as us ladies when it comes to shopping.
They won't admit it, but I have witnessed my fair share of men complaining of
too light of denim, or not the right cut of shirt. Tossing that all aside,
I have decided to throw some pieces together to show you boys what a
Moderne Man would look like. Lucky for you...
Local Celebrity & Just a Cheap shirt are just a few of the items on sale this weekend!

Featured above is the Just A Cheap Shirt Hooded Woven Shirt
that can be paired with any dark denim and Converse for a relaxed look.
Can't handle a button-up? Then toss on the Local Celebrity- Trophy Husband.

Take it, leave it, but ultimately you will love it. Happy Shopping, Boys!

xo -B.

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