Wednesday, October 12, 2011

DIY Halloween Costume: Rachel Zoe

With Halloween just three weeks away, us at Moderne wanted to lend a helping hand and give our readers a few tips and ideas to sport the most fashionable costume ensemble. 

Rachel Zoe, fashion icon, stylist and designer is a favorite of ours. Always decked out in the biggest accessories, Rachel Zoe never fails to make a statement as should you Halloween weekend [and every day for that matter].

Halloween Costume: Rachel Zoe

Featured above is Plastic Island's Penny Blouse in Ivory , the perfect peasant blouse and center piece for your outfit. Work around the blouse adding a fitted faux fur vest, high waisted flared jeans and one of Rachel Zoe's signature pieces, large black sunglasses.

*Remember: what's great about this costume idea is you or a friend might have every piece you need to complete this outfit. 

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Also! Be sure to stop by again next Wednesday for another Halloween costume idea. 

xo, T


  1. cute. dont forget the signature phrases! "oh my god." "i die" "ba-na-nas."

  2. Don't forget the Venti Starbucks cup or in recent episodes.. the Pellegrino water!

  3. Nice costumes, it was fantastic and incredible. I like it. Thank you for sharing.