Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Moderne Man: We Are Seeing PLAID!

Let's welcome back Alex! Being that he is one of our Moderne Men, we are asking him what he loves most about this Fall weather. Turns our that him and Glenn Pakulak are on the same page & love PLAID. So here he goes again! 

Although summer is long gone and unfortunately, we have to say goodbye to all the muscle t-shirts and short, there is a silver lining in the form of PLAID! 

Plaid was a huge trend among the masses especially in shorts, but now it’s in our shirts and even our ties.  Just a Cheap Shirt has produced some of the cool and trendy must-haves of the season.  Not only have they given us a trend for the Fall season, but they’ve added some splash of color to their shirts.

Grey is the must-have color on your shirt, tie, or pants. Basically, anything you wear out in public! Don’t say I didn’t give you that tip. The great thing about plaid is the versatility it offers because you can either wear them with a pair of blue jeans or a pair of grey slacks. 

My favorite JACHS is the yellow, blue, and white plaid because it offers the brightest colors you can ever think of and gives an extra POW! to the eye especially if you’re wanting to stand out among the crowd.  JACHS also offers a dash of gray in the grey/black/red plaid shirt and also in the grey/red/yellow shirt which is another piece you should have in your closet.

The JACHS Blue Plaid shirt just oozes TX Cowboy swag with its smaller squares of plaid and it’s another bright color instead of being a darker and richer color.  Remember, you wear the clothes and make it all your own with confidence.

As always, be you…be Moderne! 

Signing off –A

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