Friday, November 25, 2011

Friday Find: Arm Party Bliss

Another day, another Friday Find. After the massive meals at Thanksgiving dinner, we thought it would be best to concentrate on this year's best accessories- bracelets! We can never pass up a good bangle that adds that finishing touch to any look. Take a look at what we thought would be the best of the best. 

#1- Carol Marie Hinged Bangle - NOW ON SALE! 40% off at Shop Moderne

#2- JoMartin Designs - Beaded Beachy Boho Bracelet $20

Take these gems and layer them to create the perfect #armparty. We love creating this boho look with boyfriend watches or simple sleek looks with just one bangle. Keep it classy, ladies! 

Oh, and Happy Black Friday! Check out Shop Moderne for 40% off all items. 
Promo code: blkfri40

Happy Shopping! xo 


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