Friday, November 18, 2011

Moderne Man: Hoodie Haven

Our very own Moderne Man is back and dishing on the one item that every man needs during these chilly days...a good quality hoodie!

Last time, I went crazy over plaid but sometimes, it’s good to tone it down and have the laid-back look.  Whether you’re out with your friends at a house party or having a little rendezvous with your significant other, this look is effortless and will keep you looking extra cool during this winter season.

Pick up a pair of my favorite, distressed jeans from Degaine because not only are they stylish with all the pre-torn holes in the front, but they are also a little loose fitting and comfortable for the Moderne guy.  Although I am a huge fan of the bright, pop colors such as yellow, blue, and all other things that are eye-catching, it’s fall so that means the darker colors are in such as the shades of browns, blacks, and grays.

The tee shirt from Alternative Earth is a light shade of brown that isn’t a complete bore and still manages to pop out at a person. It literally brings the best of both worlds and puts into one shirt. The shirt serves as a contrast to the dark shade of the jeans. 

The BlackMetro Hoodie from Alternative Apparel is a pullover hoodie that is great for layering and doesn’t have the zipper at the front. If you’re looking for a bright pop colored hoodie and earth-friendly clothing, Alternative Earth offerssome unisex hoodies in light purple, green and gray.

Whichever hoodie fits your taste, make sure to always be you, be Moderne.
Signing off -Ax

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