Tuesday, September 11, 2012

iWork Out: Modern Mom

You might not think you have time to hit the gym or don't feel like going out for a run and we assure you, you don't have to.Each week we will post our favorite YouTube fitness videos, perfect for doing them in the comfort of your own home.

This week it's- Modern Mom, a online magazine community that dishes "inspirational, original content written by mom, for moms". However, we aren't moms and you might not be either and that is OK.  

Case in point, EVERY ONE, wants to feel good about their body. So the fitness videos on Modern Mom are great for everyone, not just moms. Two Moderne favorites are below, one for trimming your hips and the other for arms and shoulders. There are many other videos to choose from as well food tips and more!

Try them out and let us know your favorite!
*Reminder: try to do a few videos a week at least 4 times. No pain no gain! 


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