Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Mink Pink New Arrivals!

Mink Pink 'Roar' Jumper

Mink Pink Jumper // Grey Pants // Booties // Purse 

If you've read any fashion site or blog in the past few months you more 
than likely spotted a graphic sweatshirt. They grasp your attention and can be worn 
numerous ways; fashion forward or subtle chic.Mink Pink's 'ROAR' jumper is
 no exception. This exclusive print fits true to size and has fitted sleeves. 
Layer above a blouse or denim shirt. Best part? You can wear all year round. 

Mink Pink: 'Sweet Shop Blouse'

Mink Pink Blouse // Purse // Striped Pumps // Floral Skirt

I have yet to meet a girl who says she has too many blouses. We all know there 
is always another great blouse to be bought and worn; Mink Pink's 'Sweet Shop' 
blouse is a perfect example. This long sleeved collared sleeved top is in a 
beautiful mint color, covered in polka dots and sports a slightly longer hem in the back.
Great go-to top to throw on with denim shorts or pants. 

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