Friday, August 27, 2010

How to look fab in under 10 minutes!

If you’re anything like me and about 99% of the gals I know, you’ve only got 10 minutes in the morning to put together your look. Some ladies can get away with looking like goddesses post 10 minute hair & makeup prep and others just look like a ball of HOT MESS! So what do all those glam girls do to prep in the morning?? I discovered some of their little secrets and I’ll let YOU in on it =]

Big thanks to the lazy dirty genius who created this lil potion!
For those mornings when your hair NEEDS a wash but your clocks yelling for you to be somewhere else. Dry shampoo works just like shampoo making hair clean (looking), smelling great, and fresh sans WATER. Great for camping and post all-nighters!

2. Goody Spin Pin
The Spin Pin-What an invention! When I first saw the commercial, I was intrigued about what a tiny piece of metal resembling a DNA link would do for my hair. But one trip to the drug store and six bucks later, I have to say that this tiny hair accessory is mind-blasting (seriously!!)!
You know those messy buns a la Hollywood we all aim for, but end up paying big bucks at Salon’s to get?? Well, SPIN PIN can create these amazing buns in less than 2 minutes and they stay in ALL DAY! No more nights filled with untangling hair from 2739287 bobby pins or dealing with god-forsaken hairspray! Just TWIST your hair and SPIN PIN it and voila! You’re set!

3. A perfect Little Black Dress
Finding the perfect outfit in the morning can make or break your day! Start off on the right foot with a perfect little black dress and pumps! MINK PINK’s Knot Again dress can work for ANY occasion. Just imagine the possibilities (cue dreamy music) a day at the office, lunch with the girls, coffee date with your cutie, shopping, night out, and the list goes on and on! Pair it with cute flats for the day or pumps and a flashy clutch for nighttime! Spend less time staring at clothes in your closet and more time lookin' fab!

Those are the time saving tricks I’ve found to be helpful. What are YOU guys doing to look fab under the clock?? Tweet us @shopmoderne and let us know!

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