Thursday, August 26, 2010

POP CHIPS! Moderne's Favorite Snack.

popchips are hands down-THE BEST-potato chips we’ve ever had! They’re delish AND healthy! The taste got our cravings going but the healthy part got us hooked!! Unlike other potato chips that are fried or baked, popchips are made from real potatoes and POPPED!! Think popcorn but with larger veggies! AND, for all you calorie counters out there, popchips is only 120 calories per serving!! Once we tried our first bag we were ADDICTED! We’ve got all 6 flavors:

Original, BBQ, cheddar, sour cream & onion, parmesan garlic, sea salt & vinegar, salt & pepper!

It’s no wonder that popchips is taking the entertainment and fashion world by storm! Actor, Ashton Kutcher, is seen constantly seen totting around his popchips stash. popchips even made its way to the Project Show (aka the world's largest fashion tradeshow!). Big THANKS to Kelly Guldi of Las Vegas for POPing off the week for our favorite designers with these yummy treats! popchips made great snacks for buyers who popped in! ;p

JACHS (Just a Cheap Shirt) crew excited about their popchips! Who can resist??

Alternative Apparel with their goodies!

One of our top fav designers Wildfox Couture with popchips!

We LOVE our popchips!! What's your fav flavor??