Saturday, August 28, 2010

Makes us say WOW

Coffee. Red Wine. Soda. A list of my favorite drinks? WRONG! It’s a list of my guilty pleasures that make my pearly whites-well, not so white. After realizing the aftermath of my caffeine addition, I decided to do something about it! That’s when I discovered WOW Oral Care! WOW Oral Care has an amazing new product. Unlike those whitening strips that remind you of your middle school days of uncomfortable retainers, WOW Oral Care has come out with an amazing new product. (Drum Roll please…) SprayWhite90 tooth whitening system! It’s the first spray system that lightens your teeth by 7 shades in 90 seconds or less. Just pour the contents into your mouth, swish, and rinse! Say bye bye to those messy trays and annoying strips! We absolutely love WOW Oral Care and can't wait to test out SprayWhite90!!

And for everyday fresh breath, try WOW Oral Care’s WOW Rinse. It’s fast & convenient for people on the go! Great for after meals when you don’t have time to brush your teeth! You can use it anywhere! Just tear open the packet and pour contents into your mouth and SWISH! It’s awesome =]

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